I’m thrilled with this initiative; it makes me believe in the future of my country 🙂

The Net Party was founded in 2012 by a group of entrepreneurs working on establishing a collaborative democracy. The political party is based on an open source software platform that will allow citizens to have a say on the congress decisions. If they get seats at the congress they will act based on the citizen’s votes on each decision. The platform is still under development but the team is growing and they intend to run in the upcoming elections in October 2013.

Find them here.

A rough translation of the video:

It has changed how we communicate each other. It has changed how we connect each other; the way we read; the way we create have changed.

The way in which we communicate each other has changed. The way we connect each other has changed; the way we read; the way we create have changed. Our relationships have changed.

But democracy is still the same.
Democracy is not solving our current problems.
We need to re-think democracy.
How can we build a participatory democracy, horizontal and connected?

A peer Network?
The Net Party
A simple idea
It’s a platform in which citizens vote and their authorities respect the vote.
A participatory democracy network.
Literally a bridge in between your “click” and the authority.
We have developed an open source prototype, and we want to take it to the next stage, to hack the system and open the band with of democracy.
We are going to run our candidature on next elections in 2013, and we need your support.


Vamos La Red!