…deliberation is expected to lead to empathy with the other and a broadened sense of people’s own interests through an egalitarian, open-minded and reciprocal process of reasoned argumentation. Following from this result are other benefits: citizens are more enlightened about their own and others’ needs and experiences, can better resolve deep conflict, are more engaged in politics, place their faith in the basic tenets of democracy, perceive their political system as legitimate, and lead a healthier civic life. Carpini, Michael X. Delli


The Citizens’ Initiative Review (CIR) is an innovative way of publicly evaluating ballot measures so voters have easy access to clear, useful, and trustworthy information at election time.

During each five-day review, two panels of 24 randomly selected and demographically balanced Oregonians heard arguments for and against the measure and call upon subject-area experts

Oregon is now the first state in the nation to adopt this innovative policy into law.

I think this initiative is needed mostly because politicians and policymakers don’t speak our language. It’s the same that happens when doctors use medical terms to explain our condition. How we are supposed to take an informed decision if we don’t understand their terminology?