I think I’m in the right moment to work on citizen engagement.  Now more that ever this could be a reality thanks to the Internet and the ongoing innovation in information and communication technology. However, it’s a major challenge to create engaging platforms for government purposes.

The task requires advanced expertise in software design accompanied by sensitivity to the human/machine interactions that must be manages. Its goal is development of citizen-friendly software ordinary people can use both individually and in a group setting. The best products will allow citizens to clarify their objectives, explore solutions and accurately project their likely or possible consequences, understand the perspectives and interest of others, widen the array of alternatives considered  make rational informed choices, and work toward consensus.

This is what Redburn & Buss wrote in “Modernizing Democracy” about Design and Develop IT Decision Support. But let’s see what people say. The following video by Thinkpublic is a manifesto for designing online public services