A freezing week in Gothernburg heated by discussions on Design.

This is the first course organized by DESMA as part of our Training Program on Design Management. It took place at the Gothenburg University, Sweden, from the 14th to 18th of January.

It was great to start discussing about the Design approach to Management, what is Design Research, the role of designers, Design Thinking, etc (“same-same, but different” would say a friend of mine). We also had time to get to know each other, share the challenges we are facing in our research/work, and think about what we want to do as a group.

Overall, it was quite design oriented: all the good that design is bringing to Management, how designers think and do, how designers do research and so on. Coming from the design field, I still would like to hear/understand what is Management without Design? Hopefully, I will take a course on that soon, and probably I will get super bored.

Andrew, one of the researchers, wrote already a great description of this week. If you are interested to know what happened and who visited us, please follow this link.

Thank you Andrew!